>October Notes for General Meeting

>Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the October meeting. Here are the highlights:

Officer Harris spoke about the Neighborhood Response Team. They are keeping an eye out for drug activity. If you suspect illegal activity please report it to the non-emergency number 503-823-3333, or if it is an emergency call 911. If you can get license plate numbers that is helpful.

Jim Hayden, Neighborhood DA, introduced himself.

Ed McDonald, a Piedmont resident, explained the business that he wanted to open – wine delivery services. There had been some email discussions going on so he wanted to clarify that there would not be consumption at his house. You can taste testing to see what bottle to buy but you can’t take the bottle with you, it must be delivered to your house.

Consignment store is up for sale on MLK by Starbucks. It is rumored that an adult entertainment business is looking into buying it. We discussed what actions we wanted to take. Most in attendance were not pleased of the possibility of the new business.

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