>Job Posting – Canvassing

>Yes on Measure 67 (representing over 200 progressive organizations, unions, community and faith groups in Oregon) is hiring an additional 40-50 canvassers to talk to voters about Tax Justice and make sure that there are fully fund public education and social services in Oregon.

Interested? Call ELEYNA FUGMAN at 503-803-4452. They are looking for people who are passionate about this issue and are willing to hit the streets to talk to friends and neighbors. They are also looking for a few field managers to help train and lead teams of canvassers, let Eleyna know if you have this type of experience.

January 17 – January 26th
Hours: 3pm – 9:00pm Weekdays
10am – 6:30pm Saturday & Sunday
Pay: $11.00

Job requirements:
~ The ability to read a precinct sheet and navigate a neighborhood map and keep detailed notes about the conversations you had in the field.
~ The genuine desire to educate and agitate people around the issue of Tax Justice.

More info on Measures 66 &67.

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