>Colored Pencils Art Culture Night


Portland’s Immigrants Come Together to Showcase Diversity of Arts and Culture
America’s immigrants have always unpacked new vitality and new possibilities. Colored Pencils Art Culture Night is an effort to re-assert the cultural wealth of immigrants into newcomer and settled Portland. Mark your calendars for Friday, Feb. 27, and join artists and performers in an evening of culture and art at the Center for Intercultural Organizing office, 700 N. Killingsworth, Portland.

The event is founded by Ronault L.S. (Polo) Catalani, Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Coordinator for the City of Portland, Office of Human Relations. "So much humanity depends on the vision and vocabulary of every community’s musicians, writers, painters and crafters. Portland has always been an energetic port city, a commercial crossroads of indigenous nations, idealistic settlers, and optimistic immigrants," says Polo.

For more information check out The Sentinel’s website at: http://www.portlandsentinel.com/?q=node/4059.

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