>Portland Is Better Together!

> Portland City Council went into the community this afternoon to launch an initiative to encourage and better connect Portlanders to resources they might need during the national downturn that has hit families and businesses particularly hard.

“My City Council colleagues and I understand the importance of having a strong support network in place at all times, but especially in times as challenging as these,” Mayor Sam Adams said.

The action by City Council highlights goals of the Portland is Better Together initiative, which encourages Portlanders to Give Help, Get Help, and Choose Local.

In announcing Portland is Better Together, Mayor Adams and the four City Commissioners – Amanda Fritz, Nick Fish, Randy Leonard and Dan Saltzman – took the lead in addressing the need by volunteering at Oregon Food Bank.

“The President-elect has issued a call to service, challenging all Americans to not only ‘look after ourselves, but each other,’ ” Commissioner Fish said.

“Volunteering with an organization like the Oregon Food Bank has a
direct impact on the quality of people’s lives and health.”

At portlandisbettertogether.com, the community will find:

  • links to direct neighbors and businesses to organizations that can help them;
  • options to explore volunteer needs and find where to make donations;
  • ways to support local businesses and strengthen our economy;
  • outlets to read and post local stories, nominate a community hero,
  • or take the “I Choose Local Pledge;”

For assistance or help with questions, call 503-823-4000 or visit PortlandIsBetterTogether.com.

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