>PNA General Meeting Minutes

>Minutes from PNA General meeting 2008-08-27
Start 7:05pm
End 8:00pm
Attended by: Chair, Treasurer, Safety, Secretary + 9 residents + 3 guests

1) Officer Reagan of PPB reported on crime stats + handed out curfew ordinance flyers. Residents reported suspicious activity in the area of Morgan and Mallory. Residents raised concerns about heavy traffic on neighborhood streets. We are encouraged to contact City of Portland’s “Transportation Safety and Neighborhood Livability Hot Line” 503-823-SAFE (7233). Officer Reagan also handed out a memo from the PPB to the OLCC recommending that all of the restrictions remain in place for the Civic Food Mart. PNA Com Chair (me) will post this letter on the blog soon.

2) Mary Tompkins of the City of Portland spoke about how to organize a neighborhood watch. Mary Tompkins provides 1.5 hrs of training for you and your neighbors and helps you organize your phone trees. Residents are encouraged to contact Mary Tompkins directly at MARY.THOMPKINS@CI.PORTLAND.OR.US .

3) Safety Chair Barbara Kveton reported that on July 1st, 2008 the Piedmont neighborhood will moved from the NE to the N PPB precinct. Previously discussed HERE. Barbara Kveton also brought up that “Spiffin’ up MLK” and “Spiffin’ up Albina” events are seeking volunteers.

4) Darlina Young of the Urban League of Portland (Adult and Senior Services Program) about the resources ULP offers folks in our neighborhood. More information on their www site HERE

5) PNA Chair Linda Aruda announced that Portland Park’s “Music in the Parks” will host an event in Peninsula Park on July 30th.

6) A resident suggested that we put together a brochure (in PDF format) that is hosted on the PNA site. Board agreed that this was a good idea. details to follow.

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