Introducing the Piedmont Walkers

Taking a page out of the Kenton Neighborhood’s playbook – Piedmont Neighborhood Association wants to start a Piedmont Walkers group. A few people are needed to share neighborhood newsletters and other special events with their neighbors door to door. With about 4 hand outs per year, you would walk the flyer to about 15 homes near where you live.

Get to know your nearby neighbors and help us bring the neighborhood together when important information needs to be shared.  On our Piedmont Walkers page you can find out more about this program and figure out what blocks are available. You can even sign up to volunteer for your block!

Piedmont – Woodlawn Friends of Trees Planting

Hello Neighbors!

Piedmont and Woodlawn had their annual tree planting on February 2nd. It was a huge success! They planted 187 trees, 101 in Piedmont and 86 in Woodlawn. 168 volunteers did the work, 38 of those were Friends of Trees tree team captains and trainees, so 130 people from our neighborhoods came out that day to plant!

If you happen to visit Dave’s Killer Bread, New Seasons, Breakside Brewery, AJ Java, or Starbucks please give them a huge thank you for their donation to the party!

Piedmont Trees Inventory

Four volunteers have stepped up and requested support from Portland Parks to conduct a tree inventory of the Piedmont Neighborhood!

More people are needed! If you wish to participate please mark your calendar for the Saturday, March 16th training session and register at the link below, we can carpool out there. Here is an excerpt from the approval letter:

On Saturday, March 16 a required planning session will be held from 9 am to noon at SE Uplift at 3534 SE Main St. All persons who will be assisting with organizing the tree inventory are encouraged to attend. Please register ahead of time at: The planning session will cover inventory logistics, volunteer recruitment, planning tools, and responsibilities of your group and PP&R. Conducting an inventory and creating a Neighborhood Tree Plan are ambitious projects that require the help and commitment of a group to be successful.

Please bring the following items with you to the March 16 planning session:

Neighborhood calendar. In order to prevent conflicts with major neighborhood events, please research annual community events that occur each summer and bring a list with you. Inventory work days will be scheduled on Saturdays from 8:30 am to noon between June 22 and September 27. Each neighborhood will
select 3-4 inventory work days.

  • A list of possible staging sites for inventory workshops within your community.
  • Ideas for volunteer recruitment in your community.

Tree Planting: Save the Date!

On February 2nd, 2013 Friends of Trees, the Piedmont Neighborhood, and Woodlawn Neighborhood will join forces to plant trees. We are expecting to plant over 200 trees this year.

Please join us, with your truck, your bike, or your special soup recipe for the lunch. This planting has a bike planting team that carries out their trees, tools, and people all by bike.

Contact Justin at piedmont at if you are interested.

Neighborhood Clean-Up

Piedmont Neighborhood Cleanup 5-28-2012


On a sunny day earlier this Spring the Piedmont Neighborhood Association had its first Neighborhood Cleanup in many years. Supported by the Holy Redeemer, provided space, and the North Portland Neighborhood Services (NPNS), they assist North Portland neighborhoods in events like these and other beneficial opportunities.


Operating only 4-hours, this group of seven volunteers (Shaun, Maxine, Deanne, Justin, James, Mike, and John) shuttled cars, pickups, trailers, and a Uhaul truck to dumpsters to take green waste, bulk waste, and electronic/metal waste.


A Swap Area was also created this year so that people could bring usable items to swap with others. The overall mission of the cleanup was to enable residents of Piedmont to bring in trash and yard debris, but also learn about reuse through the swap.


Shout outs:

Thanks to John for reserving the Holy Redeemer parking lot and getting snacks and lunch for the volunteers.

Thanks to Maxine for organizing the Swap Area, it looked great throughout the day!

Thanks to Deanne and Shaun for greeting drivers and collecting cash.

Thanks to Shaun for using her truck to handle the leftover swap items.

Thanks to James and Mike for helping people unload stuff and sort items, and keeping the process moving. You guys did a lot of the heavy lifting for people!

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