>New Crime Prevention Coordinator


North Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) has a new Crime Prevention Coordinator. Everyone please welcome Mark Wells to the neighborhood!

Mark has asked all who are active in the community or just interested in crime prevention to fill out a questionnaire. Click HERE for the questionnaire. When finished, you can fax to 503-285-5614.

Soon we’ll be hearing from Mark regarding 2009’s efforts like Graffiti Cleanup, Spiffin‘ Up Albina and others. As soon as I hear, it’ll be up on our blog!

Mark’s contact information is…
Mark Wells
Crime Prevention Program Coordinator
8134 N. Denver
Portland, Oregon, 97217
Phone: 503-823-4098
Fax: 503-285-5614
Email: Mark.Wells@ci.portland.or.us

>Interstate Ave Graffiti Cleanup

>The City of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI), Overlook NA, Arbor Lodge NA and the Kenton NA are looking for volunteers to help with their Interstate Ave Graffiti Cleanup event on Saturday, June 14th.

In addition to cleaning up graffiti, the event’s goal is to enable neighbors to meet and to connect with ONI folks.

Immediatly after the cleanup event, there will be a rededication party for Patton Park (N. Interstate and N. Emerson) featuring music and entertainment.


I, for one, will be volunteering. mmmmm…solvents and pizza.

You can check out the flyer for the event (HERE) and to volunteer contact Havilah Ferschweiler at 503-823-4098 (hferschweiler@ci.portland.or.us) .

Finally, you can check out ONI’s web page for more info on graffiti HERE.

>Civic Mart OLCC Board Hearing: SUCCESS

>Short version- The OLCC Board of Commissioners voted 4-0 to grant the Civic Food Mart a liquor license WITH the 4 current restrictions:

1) No sale of malt beverages larger than 24 ounces
2) No fortified wines/malt beverages more than 6% alcohol
3) No glass containers
4) No liquor sales after 9:30pm

Long version- Prior to the neighbors and officials comment period, the OLCC staff presented their report to the Board with the recommendation that the license be granted with NO restrictions. The Board openly debated whether the neighborhood has improved because of the restrictions. The OLCC staff’s response was that when there is a change of ownership, the OLCC is has the burden to prove that there is a legal basis for applying restrictions. The board chair commented that he believed that the board had a right to not base their decisions solely on the legal findings of the OLCC staff’s report.

Then something interesting happened

The Board invited Mr. Baek (new owner of the Civic Food Mart) and his daughter to comment. His daughter speaking for her father commented to the Board that they were fine with the restrictions on their license. Concerned that there was a possible miscommunication, the board rephrased the question 3 times in an effort to ensure that we all heard them correctly. After Mr. Baek’s comments, the Board opened the floor to the public for 2 minute comment periods.

Quick List of folks that addressed the board supporting our efforts in keeping the restrictions (If I forgot anyone one or there is a misspelled word/wrong title, comment and I’ll update)…

1- Rae Selvey (Piedmont Resident)
2- Mark Warrington (Portland Parks)
3- Jim Ferrarin (PPB NE Precinct Commander)
4- Bret Smith (PPB Assistant Chief)
5- Lisa Clayton (PPB License Enforcement)
6- Thresea Marchetti (Office of Neighborhood Involvement)
7- Justin Meier (PNA Secretary & Communications Chair)
8- Brian Borrello (PNA Land Use Chair) (reading a letter from State Rep. Shields)
9- ??? (Piedmont Resident)
10- Paul Anthony (Humboldt Neighborhood Association Chair)
11- Allan Folz (PNA Parks Co-Chair)
12- Amie Massier (Pen. Park Community Cntr. Dir)
In addition to the above speakers, letters from Commissioner Jeff Cogen and
PNA Chair Linda Aruda were entered into the record. In the interest of time, 4
residents that had shown up to speak, withdrew their request to speak to the Board.

The Board then proceeded to vote on granting the license WITH the 4 restrictions. Commissioner Robert Rice paused the voting and asked that the record reflect that Mr. Baek had voluntarily agreed to have the restrictions kept in place. Once confirmed, Commissioner Rice also cast his “aye” vote making it 4-0.

If folks would please comment on this post and leave observations on what they feel worked…and what didn’t work. We as a neighborhood, and a neighborhood association need to build a ‘knowledge base’ that can be passed forward so that next time something like this comes up we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I would like to thank Mr. Baek. I will personally invite him and his family to future PNA general meetings and make every effort to ensure knows that his business is in a community that appreciates and supports those that help us build a better neighborhood.

Finally, THANK YOU to everyone for their support and countless hours of hard work on this issue.

>Civic Mart Liquor License – Update

>KGW’s Scott Burton did a real nice piece covering the issue we’re having with a belligerent OLCC and the Civic Food Mart…
Video: http://www.kgw.com/video/video-index.html?nvid=235072
Text: http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_041008_news_piedmont_debate.50d5de3a.html

The KGW report summarizes information that is contained in the following post from our blog…http://blog.piedmontneighborhood.com/2008/04/olccwhat-hell-are-you-doing.html

Note that at the bottom of the above post there are links to previous posts on this subject.

KOIN also did a piece, but their angle was that we are oppressing the owner.
Video: http://www.koin.com/content/mediacenter/default.aspx?articleID=6913
If you would like to write KOIN, you can email them at… koindesk@koin.com

The OLCC hearing is scheduled for Friday, April 18th at 9am. The hearing will be located at 9079 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Room 103A, Portland, Oregon, 97222. You must show up at 9am and sign in with OLCC employee Carrie Korbe (she will be in the front lobby) if you wish to speak to the OLCC board. For those that will be speaking, the time allowed for this issue is during the “License Matters” portion of the agenda (not the “Public Forum”).

I strongly encourage everyone that has previously taken action on this issue to speak at this meeting. It is advisable to write down your comment so your message isn’t missed. After we have commented on the license, the OLCC board vote.

I have said this before, but I guess this is really it…the time for action is NOW.


>MARK YOUR CALENDAR: APRIL 18TH, 9AM (location tba)

The PNA has received the following from the OLCC…

Just an FYI: this months Commission meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 18th at 9am. The only licensing matter for the Portland area is Civic Food Mart. The recommendation going to the Commissioners is to grant the license without the restrictions.

If you or any of the neighbors would like to speak to the Commissioners about this
license matter, please be sure to sign in with me the morning of the meeting. I will be right up front when you come in with a sign in sheet.

If you have any questions, give me a call or e-mail me. My number is 503.872.5135 and I work 7-5:30 Tuesday – Friday (with the exception of this Friday).

Have a great day!

Carrie Korbe
License Procedure Coordinator
Oregon Liquor Control Commission


-53 letters from the community in opposition to the lifting of restrictions.
-Letter from the Chief of Police with a “recommendation of no endorsement”
-Public Safety Manager for Portland Public Parks opposes the lifting of restrictions
-Peninsula Park Community Center opposes the lifting of restrictions
-Piedmont Neighborhood Association STRONGLY opposes the lifting of restrictions
-300 feet of a children’s playground
-the store is in a designated “Alcohol Impact Zone”

The OLCC’s recommendation is detrimental to our community. Take action and show up to the hearing. Let the OLCC know that this is our neighborhood…our community…our lives. The OLCC’s behavior is unacceptable.

I have sent an email to the OLCC’s Carrie Korbe requesting the location of the hearing (note that bit of info was conviently left out of their letter to us). I will post on this blog as soon as hear from them.

You can read the PNA’s letter to the OLCC…HERE

You can read previous posts on this subject…HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE