Introducing the Piedmont Walkers

Taking a page out of the Kenton Neighborhood’s playbook – Piedmont Neighborhood Association wants to start a Piedmont Walkers group. A few people are needed to share neighborhood newsletters and other special events with their neighbors door to door. With about 4 hand outs per year, you would walk the flyer to about 15 homes near where you live.

Get to know your nearby neighbors and help us bring the neighborhood together when important information needs to be shared.  On our Piedmont Walkers page you can find out more about this program and figure out what blocks are available. You can even sign up to volunteer for your block!

>Neighborhood Watch

>At the last PNA General meeting, Mary Tompkins of the City of Portland spoke about how to organize a neighborhood watch. Mary Tompkins provides 1.5 hrs of training for you and your neighbors and helps you organize your phone trees. Residents are encouraged to contact Mary Tompkins directly at MARY.THOMPKINS@CI.PORTLAND.OR.US

I, for one, am going to work with my neighbors on setting this up for our little corner of the world (yes, I’m looking at you Brock!). You can read a guide on the neighborhood watch program HERE (warning…large PDF file).