>Interstate Ave Graffiti Cleanup

>The City of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI), Overlook NA, Arbor Lodge NA and the Kenton NA are looking for volunteers to help with their Interstate Ave Graffiti Cleanup event on Saturday, June 14th.

In addition to cleaning up graffiti, the event’s goal is to enable neighbors to meet and to connect with ONI folks.

Immediatly after the cleanup event, there will be a rededication party for Patton Park (N. Interstate and N. Emerson) featuring music and entertainment.


I, for one, will be volunteering. mmmmm…solvents and pizza.

You can check out the flyer for the event (HERE) and to volunteer contact Havilah Ferschweiler at 503-823-4098 (hferschweiler@ci.portland.or.us) .

Finally, you can check out ONI’s web page for more info on graffiti HERE.