Tree Planting: Save the Date!

On February 2nd, 2013 Friends of Trees, the Piedmont Neighborhood, and Woodlawn Neighborhood will join forces to plant trees. We are expecting to plant over 200 trees this year.

Please join us, with your truck, your bike, or your special soup recipe for the lunch. This planting has a bike planting team that carries out their trees, tools, and people all by bike.

Contact Justin at piedmont at if you are interested.

>PNA General Meeting Minutes 2008-01-30

>Start: 7:30pm
End: 9:00pm
Attendance: Chair, Vice-Chair, Sec, Tres, Trans, Crime, Parks + 9 residents (16 in total)


  1. Welcome and introductions Linda Aruda
  2. Crime report from our local Police Officers (Officers Tony Hill and Ryan Regan)
  3. Water in the Desert: Festival of Art & Ecology Mizu Desierto
  4. Update/presentation on Bryant St bridge project Brian Borello
  5. Communications update Justin Meier
  6. Discussion on gen mtg day change (to be voted on next meeting)
  7. Any other announcements, discussions or updates (land use, concerts, neighborhood clean-up, etc…)


    • Residents raised concerns to the officers about suspicious activities at duplexes properties near Vancouver and Stafford, and also at 6716 N. Albina Ave.
    • Officers reported there will be a march on 2008-01-31 at 5:15pm for Officer Mark Zylawy (
    • A Piedmont resident, who is also a works for the NE Coalition ( announced that the 4th Tuesday of each month the NEC holds public safety meetings
    • Officers and residents cautioned on giving money to young men going door-to-door asking for donations to the “Youth Basketball League” and their “team trip to XYZ.” Do not give money, contact the police.
    • Mizu Desierto, a Piedmont resident, asked for the neighborhood association’s permission to use Peninsula Park for the Water In The Desert Festival ( A hand vote was taken, and the festival was unanimously approved.
    • Brian Borello gave an update on the Bryant Street Bridge project. Soon we will have visuals we’ll post to the project’s new web site (details to follow). Check the PNA’s web site for info as it develops
    • Justin Meier updated the group on the PNA’s communications efforts. New blog ( and new web site ( are in the works. Both site’s content to be updated often so neighbors can be involved the happenings.
    • Linda Aruda (2008 PNA Chair) proposed changing the date of the PNA General Meeting from the last Wednesday of the month to the last Thursday of the month. Also, proposed moving the time from 7:30pm to 7:00pm. The PNA will announce this proposed change to our bylaws on our web site (and email residents) and a vote will be held at the next PNA General Meeting (2008-02-27).
    • Linda Aruda announced that there will be no ‘joint’ neighborhood clean up this year as the City (?) wants the focus to be on the Earth Day (April 26th) concert in Overlook Park ( Linda mentioned that her church sponsors a dumpster for neighbors to use once a year. Details to follow.
    • Linda Aruda requested volunteers to fund-raise for the 2008 Concerts in the Park. Justin Meier (2008 PNA Secretary + Communications Chair) volunteered.
    • Janis McDonald, a Piedmont resident, talked briefly about Portland Sunday Parkways event happening 2008-06-22 ( There are 2 open houses coming up. Justin Meier will add these events to the PNA’s calendar