Piedmont – Woodlawn Friends of Trees Planting

Hello Neighbors!

Piedmont and Woodlawn had their annual tree planting on February 2nd. It was a huge success! They planted 187 trees, 101 in Piedmont and 86 in Woodlawn. 168 volunteers did the work, 38 of those were Friends of Trees tree team captains and trainees, so 130 people from our neighborhoods came out that day to plant!

If you happen to visit Dave’s Killer Bread, New Seasons, Breakside Brewery, AJ Java, or Starbucks please give them a huge thank you for their donation to the party!

Tree Planting: Save the Date!

On February 2nd, 2013 Friends of Trees, the Piedmont Neighborhood, and Woodlawn Neighborhood will join forces to plant trees. We are expecting to plant over 200 trees this year.

Please join us, with your truck, your bike, or your special soup recipe for the lunch. This planting has a bike planting team that carries out their trees, tools, and people all by bike.

Contact Justin at piedmont at plantitportland.org if you are interested.

>Friends Of Trees Planting in Piedmont


Friends of Trees is seeking volunteers for their tree planting event on Feburary 14th in Piedmont (also Boise, Elliot, Humboldt, King and Sabin). Neighbors will plant trees in their own neighborhood.

Visit the Friends of Trees web site and click the Volunteer link. You can also contact our neighborhood coordinator Kathleen at rowlands-rugge@hotmail.com.

Although it is too late to order trees for this planting, you can visit their www site and click on “Order Street & Yard Trees” to set up an account to buy trees for your yard or parking strip. Once you set up an account, Friends of Trees will arrange for the city of Portland to inspect the planting site and issue a permit.

I’ll be volunteering again this year and I hope to see you the morning of 14th!

>Friends Of Trees in Piedmont!

>Friends of Trees (www.FriendsOfTrees.org) are looking for volunteers to help out on Saturday, Feburary 16th. Friends of Trees & Volunteers will be planting trees in our great neighborhood! The Friends of Trees folks are looking for folks with trucks especially this year!

Volunteers are to meet up at Friends of Trees HQ on MLK (map) at 8am on the 16th. Volunteers get breakfast and lunch for their troubles.

Those wanting to help out should contact Kathleen at 503-285-0997 (or Friends of Trees directly at 503-282-8846).

See you on the 16th!