Tree Planting: Save the Date!

On February 2nd, 2013 Friends of Trees, the Piedmont Neighborhood, and Woodlawn Neighborhood will join forces to plant trees. We are expecting to plant over 200 trees this year.

Please join us, with your truck, your bike, or your special soup recipe for the lunch. This planting has a bike planting team that carries out their trees, tools, and people all by bike.

Contact Justin at piedmont at if you are interested.

>Breakfast On The Bridges

>We sold our 2nd car back in October and I’ve been commuting to downtown via bike since then. I just crested 1100 miles on my bike since October. I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure is way down and overall I am in much better physical shape.

One of the things that I look forward to on the last Friday of the month is Shift’s ( Breakfast on the Bridges (BonB). Just before I ride over the Steel Bridge, I am greeted by friendly folks with hot coffee and some random breakfast food item (mostly pastry).

Well suprise suprise suprise this morning when I was greeted BonB folks! In addition to the normal cup of coffee I enjoy with the BonB volunteers they were had pancakes, cupcakes AND BACON!! mmmmmm….bacon on bridges. They were there as part of Shift’s Pedalpalooza event that goes from June 12th to the 28th (more info HERE).

Anyhow, here is a quick pic from this morning…

>Cirque du Cycling

>Laughing Planet Cafe is presenting an event on June 14th that they’re calling Cirque du Cycling.

Cirque du Cycling, presented by Laughing Planet Café, is part circus, part
bike street race and a benefit for Self Enhancement, Inc.

The whole event kicks off at 4:00 with a free three mile family ride to
Peninsula Park. There is also a bike parade (advance registration required)
featuring all sorts of wild sculptural bikes: tall bikes, choppers, swing bikes
and more.

There’s live music all afternoon, plenty of entertainment to watch and an
evening criterium street race with a two-way racing right down the middle of
Mississippi Avenue.

Come relax in the beer garden, bring your bike, settle into your lawn
chair, peruse the shops of Mississippi Avenue and numerous exhibitors and be
prepared to be awed by spectacular bicycle tricks and riding feats.

check out more details on their site…HERE.