Proposed Draft of new Portland notification system from BDS

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When and how do developers notify neighborhoods of their plans and proposals?

This traditionally has been a very asymmetric process with developers in control and neighbors only allowed to gnash their teeth after all decisions had been taken.

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability has published a new draft proposal to better (?) regulate neighborhood notification. There are various ways to comment outlined in the proposed draft, below:


New Neighborhood Committees

The PNA Board has created three ad hoc committees at its 11/15/2017 general meeting.

All residents of Piedmont are encouraged to participate in these committees. There are basically two levels of participation. The first is to actually come to committee meetings, the second is to subscribe to the committee mailing lists. You can subscribe in two ways. The first is to login to your google account, then go to, search for the group you want to join, and click the “join this group” or “contact the owner” button. The second is to send an email to and indicate you want to join. Once you have joined you can post to the list by using the email address of the group. Meetings of the committees will be announced on the mailing lists.


The Piedmont Neighborhood is proud to host our Spring General meeting at the West Gym, Peninsula Park Community Center, Apr 27th, at 7pm.


  • Farragut Dog Park

Guest Speakers:

  • Officer Jasmine Sutton –¬†Piedmont Neighborhood, Portland Police Department
  • Travis Phillips – Director of Housing Development, PCRI
  • Jay Forester – Piedmont Neighborhood Emergency Team
  • Chris Trejbal – Overlook Neighborhood Association