Lombard Re-Imagined!

Lombard Re-Imagined is a community effort to develop a vision for a better Lombard Street.  Swift Planning Group, a team of Portland State graduate students, have partnered with several North Portland neighborhood associations (including Piedmont) on this effort that will focus on how the corridor can become a more walkable place with a unique identity that serves the needs of its neighbors.
Members of the Swift Planning Group will be at the March General Meeting to hear from you!  We’re looking forward to a discussion about your concerns, priorities, and ideas for how to make Lombard Street a street that truly works for you.  In the meantime, we’d love for Piedmont neighbors to take our online survey, like us on Facebook, or follow our website blog at www.lombardreimagined.com.  You can also e-mail us atlombardreimagined@gmail.com.
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Lombard Blvd Study

The project would consider problems and solutions for North Lombard Street roughly between NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and N Washburne Ave. North Lombard is designated a “main street” in the Metro 2040 Growth Concept, and it is also US 30 – a state highway. The goal of the project is to explore ways to create a more walkable and vibrant main street that serves and unites our neighborhoods. There are issues around pedestrian safety and comfort, transit service, sense of place, land use, and economic development/business vitality. These issues are affected by Lombard’s designation as state highway and freight route. The outcomes of the work may help inform the City’s Comprehensive Plan update for this area.

The Lombard corridor is one of the most active public transit areas in the City of Portland. However, Lombard lacks attractive sidewalks and safe street crossings beyond the Interstate Avenue intersection. Much could be accomplished when considering the pedestrian experience.

As much of an economic hub as Lombard is, it lacks a true sense of place and vitality. Kenton is well known for the giant Paul Bunyan statue and the Denver Avenue businesses. Arbor Lodge has the beautiful park along Willamette Boulevard. In between these gems is North Lombard Street – a long stretch of road that many simply consider as a means to get from point A to point B. The great thing about Lombard Street is that a vital Lombard can help meet the City’s goal for the 20 minute neighborhood. Much could be examined in regards to land use, design and economic development.

It is in the best interest for all North Portland associations and alliances to support student efforts to study this key North Portland commercial corridor, especially considering the City of Portland’s current Comprehensive Plan update effort. Between North Portland Neighborhood Services (NPNS), ALNA, PNA, KNA, KBA,and ICBA, and other possible stakeholders, we offer full support to planning students.

>Urban Growth Bounty 2010

>The City of Portland is committed to good food. The Urban Growth Bounty 2010 education series, presented by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability’s food program, offers 82 classes to help residents learn how to transform their yards into “urban farms,” keep chickens and bees, preserve their harvest, make cheese, and prepare great tasting and healthy meals.

Class descriptions and online registration links.
Questions? Please call Steve Cohen, Program Manager, at 503-823-4225.

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>The Portland Plan – Take the Survey


The Portland Plan will be our City’s strategic plan for the next 25 years, ensuring that Portland is a thriving and sustainable city and our people are prosperous, healthy and educated. The last time Portland created a plan like this was in 1980. Now we’re at the next big fork in the road.

Help shape the plan!

The Portland Plan will take a new approach to city planning by focusing attention on the things that affect our daily lives, such as safety, neighborhood livability, quality education and affordable housing. Please take a moment to answer the survey questions. Your answers will help prioritize our investments in our future.