Board Meeting: Minutes

We will keep this page updated with the most recent meeting minutes. If you’re looking for the agenda for the next board meeting, we’ll make a post about that the week of each meeting, and we also upload both meeting minutes and agendas to our public Google Drive for the PNA. 


Piedmont Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Peninsula Park Community Center, May 16, 2018, 7-9pm

Attendees: Noah Brimhall, Max Brown,, Brian Borello, Judy Farmer, Deanne Gomez.

Call to order: 7:10pm

Welcome: Attendees introduced themselves.

Review April PNA Board Minutes: Piedmont Neighborhood Association (PNA) Board
members reviewed the minutes. Judy moved that the Board approve the April PNA
Board minutes. Deanne seconded. All Board members approved – motion passed.

Committee Updates:
Bylaws committee: Noah noted that we will publicize the proposed changes before the
July General meeting, at which the changes will come to a vote. The corrections made
after the April General meeting were making more gender inclusive language and
clarifying that the Board does not make political endorsements.

Houselessness committee: No update, but a brief discussion of activity around the
Bryant St bridge area.

Membership and Communications committee: Deanne said the committee will meet the
following Wednesday, and there are six members.

Land Use: Brief discussion about the new project to build affordable apartments for
veterans at NE Dekum and Garfield. It will be a 3-4 story building, but will be unique in
that it will offer veterans a permanent voucher, which is uncommon. The Board
discussed, in light of other developments over the past few years, that PNA may benefit
by drafting a Memorandum of Expectations with developers, and then present it to
them when they come to present on projects. The Board will review a draft of this

Parks Update: Judy noted that the pocket park project at Farragut Park will now be
completed in the fall 2018. A brief discussion was held on recent email conversation
about prior incidents in the Park the previous summer.

Public Art Project: No update; awaiting an update from PCRI.

City Budget: There will not be additional allocated funding for East Portland as
previously considered in the budget. There is a hearing tonight on the Mayor’s budget,
and a brief discussion on neighborhoods submitting questions.

Other Business: Brief discussion on the ways to get input on the City’s concept of
upzoning and increasing density within the city for housing. There was also brief
discussion on crafting language regarding Board members reporting out on the
committee assignments for which they volunteer.

Adjournment: 8:14pm.