How Efficient Is Your Home?

Learn to make your energy savings grow: Sign up for a free Be wattsmart Workshop.

This is one class where the subject matter will save you plenty of money. Pacific Power is pleased to present Be wattsmart Workshops in your area. Please join us for an enlightening evening of tips, advice and some tasty refreshments. This workshop sold out last year, please register now at!

The smarter you are about energy, the lower your electric bill will be.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6:15 – 7:45 pm

McMenamins – Kennedy School


5736 NE 33rd Ave

Portland, OR 97211

The workshop will put you on the path to greater energy efficiency and lower electric bills by teaching you how to:

• Identify your household energy use and how it changes over time

• Take a whole-home approach to energy efficiency

• Recognize the most cost-efficient energy improvements for your home

• Save energy and improve your home’s comfort, health and safety

• Save money with Energy Trust incentives

During the workshop, we’ll also answer the following questions:

• What uses the most energy at home: appliances, heating and cooling systems, lighting?

• How can I use less energy at home?

• Do I need to buy new energy-efficient equipment or just change my habits?

• What cash incentives are available for new appliances, lighting or other energy efficient equipment?

Register now at!

Now It IS Easy Being Green

New Curbside Composting, Recycling and Garbage Service begins October 31!

Starting October 31st, most Portland residents will be able to add food scraps, along with yard debris, to their green Portland Composts! roll carts. As part of this new service, collection of the green Portland Composts! roll cart will increase to weekly, and garbage collection will change to every other week. The blue Portland Recycles! roll cart and yellow glass recycling bin will continue with weekly collection. These changes apply to all single-family households and buildings with four or fewer units.

With the new service, instead of throwing away things like meat, dairy, bones and grains, residents will be able to send food scraps to local composting facilities where they will be turned into a nutrient-rich compost for fertilizing yards and gardens.

Customer service representatives will be available to answer questions and provide assistance on the curbside hotline at 503-823-7202 and more information will be available online at

Have a great grant idea?

Still time to apply to Portland’s Neighborhood Small Grants Program! (11/1)

You still have time to apply for a City of Portland Neighborhood Small Grant for 2012. Grant applicants need to submit their applications by the end of October. The neighborhood coalitions will be giving out approximately $189,600 for community projects and events to be completed in 2012. The goal of the grant program is to provide neighborhood and community organizations the opportunity to build community, attract new and diverse members, and sustain those already involved. Neighborhood associations and community organizations are eligible to apply.

Contact the coalition’s grant program coordinator before you apply to be sure you understand that coalition’s requirements and process:
North Portland Neighborhood Services, Mary Jaron Kelley, 503-823-4099, and Arolia McSwain, 503-823-0209,

Applications Deadlines: Applicants must submit their completed grant applications to the appropriate neighborhood coalition office no later than 2 p.m. Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Additional Information: Additional information about the Neighborhood Small Grant Program and links to neighborhood coalition grant websites, neighborhood district maps, and coalition grant applications are available on the ONI website at: