PNA March General Meeting Minutes

Date:March 16, 2023
Time:7 pm
Attendees:Brian, Shaun, Deanne, and 11 neighbors
  1. Pizza was provided – Little Caesar’s gave us a dollar off for being a neighborhood group

    We started with a just brief overview of some of the projects the PNA has been involved in to showcase what we can influence. Two examples given were the low income senior housing at Rosemont and the ADA ramps installed in at the sunken rose garden in Peninsula Park. While we did not initiate or fund the projects, we had a hand in their aesthetics and helped to maintain their historic integrity. 
  2. Because our main agenda was a continuation of our communication discussion in February, we circulated a draft of the flier. While praised, it was noted that our website and Facebook info need to be added. Additionally, there was great concern regarding distribution. That is something we still need to work out. It was suggested we use a map to make sure we don’t overlap or miss anyone. It was also noted that in addition to a QR code, there needs to be a link for the survey posted on NextDoor, Facebook, our Website, and the flier itself. 
  3. David Crandall asked about, and volunteered to attend on our behalf, the north Portland Neighborhood Chairs Meetings that are held monthly. Deanne will confirm date, time, and location and get back to David personally on this.
  4. We will be hosting a Bryant Street Bridge clean up on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22.
  5. We then spent the last 45 minutes hearing from each person present what their biggest interests are and their ideas regarding communication.

Interests Mentioned

(Some multiple times)

  1. Getting to know neighbors
  2. Neighborhood support including food pantries and free fridges
  3. Resource connections and networks
  4. Block Parties
  5. Diversity – to include diversity of opinions
  6. Mutual aid
  7. Involvement
  8. Caring about people as much as buildings and places
  9. Piedmont Buy Nothing group
  10. Friends of Trees

Communication thoughts and ideas included

  1. Emails
  2. Facebook
  3. Flier posted at business in addition to homes – New Seasons and the Food Carts were specifically mentioned
  4. Sidewalk chalk notification for meetings
  5. Website
  6. Presentations
  7. Since the PPB seems unable to attend meetings anymore, maybe we ask the Fire Department

Meeting adjourned at 8:32

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