PNA February General Meeting Minutes

Date:February 16, 2023
Time:7 pm
Attendees:Brian, Shaun, Deanne, and 5 neighbors

Minutes details 

  1. Brian opened with a Land Acknowledgment
  2. Because our main agenda was communication, Brian showed examples of the land use notifications he receives. They included noise variance notices and that the old lawn mower shop on MLK and Buffalo is going to be a wood working shop.
  3. Neighbors were asked what should be included in our upcoming flier that we plan to hand deliver to all 2670 Piedmont households. Items mentioned were:
    • What makes us special?
    • Piedmont was one of the first plated neighborhoods
    • History
    • Annual expectations
    • Events
    • Link to our website

      It was also suggested it not contain too much info, that the font not be too small and that it should not resemble an ad that will immediately be thrown away. A full size flier should also be printed to distribute and post at businesses including the laundromat, June Key delta House, New Seasons, churches, Starbucks, restaurants, etc.

      Stated goals of the flier are engagement, involvement and recruitment – though recruitment remains a bad word, it is still needed.

      A repeated theme for future meetings was providing food (donated by local businesses or potluck) and breaking the meetings into segments that separate out business, social, and educational elements.

      It was decided that July’s meeting will be a cookout in the park with Brian’s famous New Orleans style red beans and rice.
  4. QR Code survey was brought up. An additional question suggestion was asking if there are neighbors without internet access.
  5. Fellow neighbor Paul Nist discussed his project next to the soundwall. He applied to the Adopt a Landscape Program, which essentially makes him ODOT’s landscaper. Currently planter boxes have been built with donated wood, but because of lack of good soil and no water access, nothing yet has been planted. The hope is to put in wildflowers or native plants. He acknowledges it is unfinished but that it has been a heavy lift without much additional support. He also acknowledged that it came from a place of not wanting the dangerous homeless there. Previously a very nice, clean couple had been there, but that attracted a more dangerous, violent crowd that had a tremendous negative affect on his quality life and that of his family that includes 3 young children.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42

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