What’s On the Agenda?

February General Meeting: Communications



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February General Meeting

Topic: Communication and Outreach

Thursday, February 16th, 7PM at Trinity Academy

Please RSVP so we can know how much space and seating we will need for the meeting!

The February General Meeting will focus on neighborhood communications. How do you prefer to find out about what is going on in the neighborhood? How can we best reach all our neighbors? What sorts of news / events would you like to hear about from PNA?

  • Summary of submissions from January
    • What do you love about the neighborhood?
    • What would you like to see?
  • Realistic problem-solving: What can (and can’t) a neighborhood association do?
  • Breakout discussion: What does building community look like to you?
  • Communications
    • Preparing flier
    • What would you like to see:
      • On the agenda for a future meeting?
      • On the flier?
    • Distributing fliers to the neighborhood: sign up to take them around!
  • Upcoming events
    • March: Drawing with prizes (round 1) and initial survey results
    • April: Drawing for more prizes, and final survey results
      • Earth Day: Bryant Street Bridge clean-up
    • May: Wine and Cheese, art tour of Trinity Academy
    • June: All About Block Parties
    • July: TBD based on survey results
    • August:
      • National Night Out (Peninsula Park)
      • Block party – whole neighborhood invited!

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