PNA January General Meeting Minutes

Date:January 19, 2023
Time:7 pm
Attendees:Brian, Shaun, Deanne, Patrick, Mary from NPNS, and 6 neighbors

Minutes details – Action Items in Bold

  1. Introductions
  1. Brian gave a slide show overview of PNA history and possibilities
  • It was noted that this is our first in person meeting since Covid. The PNA is coming out of a dormant state. Trinity School has offered us their facilities to use on third Thursdays
  • Past projects included crosswalks, pancake feed, Bryan Street Bridge improvements, grants written, trees planted , block parties and National Night Out
  • Upcoming issues included a Waste Management Proposal and the Rosa Parks Art Piece that has been in the works for 16 years
  1. A request was made to resend the Waste Management proposal to our email list and to repost on NextDoor – Brian to do this
  2.  There was a discussion of the issue of homelessness along the interstate corridor
  • Brian shared pictures of a neighbor’s effort to build a community garden
    • This was largely panned as unsightly, unfinished, and really just punitive to the folks who were there
  1. The floor was then opened to neighbor’s concerns that the PNA is neither inclusive nor representative of our neighborhood. Additionally, the PNA is not currently following its bylaws and our outreach efforts are lacking
  • It was reiterated that we are just now coming out of a dormant state. Legally, the PNA is in full compliance as a 501(c)3 and registered with the state and the DOJ.
  • The PNA is participatory – meaning you have to show up. The PNA is constantly trying to recruit and promote. We have a website, blog, and Facebook. Efforts are being made to update all of these things as well as making posts on NextDoor. We can not have the proper number of officers if nobody volunteers to be an officer
  1. What do you love about our neighborhood? What are your “wishes”?

– Love my street and neighbors

– wish: city/ODOT didn’t sweep our houseless neighbors

– small wish: would love to know more neighbors off my specific street

– big wish: I think my specific wishes join/relate to the humanity of our houseless community and city’s proposed solutions

– future use of convenience store (tienda) on N Vancouver (near Lombard)

plant larger trees in Farragut Park and arborists to look at remaining ones

– promote small/home based businesses

– garbage collection free for houseless camps

– stop I-5 tolling procIt was announced that meetings will continue in the third Thursday of each month with May being a wine, cheese, and art event at Trinity and June will be a discussion of how to throw a Block Party.

Neighbors were asked to provide their preferred method of communication and list their thoughts and dreams for the neighborhood. The compiled list that resulted is:ess

– safer pedestrian and bike passage on north side of Lombard and I-5 overpass; bring case managers to the camps

use parks as hubs for: food (meals, free fridges), water, electricity for all!

 fire extinguishers for campers

– tame N Lombard

– breathe cleaner air in Piedmont neighborhood 

– solar powered hubs that have USB chargers for phones

– means of identifying and acting on issues/problems

– opportunities for collaboration with other NA’s

– presentations by city, country, state reps

– agendas for each meeting

– bathrooms and port-a-potties in parks and near camps

 prosecute/fine the illegal/ unpermitted Air BnB’s

– grants/funding for outreach to our unhoused neighbors

– if/ as thefts increase, possibility of neighborhood patrols

– create a welcoming environment for all neighbors

– represent a renter’s perspective

– resource fairs/ mutual aid organizing

– wish that new people would be willing to volunteer with neighborhood to be in charge of communications, leadership, and to organize an event to bring community together once a year.

– improve communications and connections among neighbors

Meeting adjourned at 8:35

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