Piedmont, Old and New

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 19.59.26.png

This is a cut out of a 1901 map of all of Portland. The complete map, which has a decent resolution, is at


Our cutout shows the area of modern Piedmont as it was in 1901 (and a piece of Woodlawn and Humboldt). The whole northern part is the Lewis Love Donation Claim, completely undeveloped. It goes from Bryant in the South to the Slough in the North, and from what is now the I-5 in the West to what is now 8th Street in Woodlawn in the East.

The current I-5 is at the East side of the Good Morning Addition, which is the green subdivision on the left. The Good Morning Addition is between Patton Ave (Interstate) and the Freeway, and between Portland Blvd (Rosa Parks) and what is now Buffalo. The freeway runs through North Albina, the pink subdivision in the lower left corner. North Albina is between Killingsworth in the South and Ainsworth in the North, which means it is in modern Humboldt. Its Eastern border is Michigan, its western border Patton (Interstate). We see that the original Piedmont subdivision (which is still the Piedmont area as far as the tax rolls are concerned) is half in modern Piedmont and half in Humboldt. Note that the Western border of Piedmont is the alley between Commercial and Kerby., houses on the West side of Commercial are still in Piedmont, but Kerby is not.

We can now fill in some white space, which was not platted yet in 1901. Between North Albina and Piedmont, in Humboldt, is West Piedmont. The white area between Ainsworth and Portland Blvd (Rosa Parks), from East to West, is Longview (basically a piece of Kerby), Peninsula Park, Gainsborough Addition, and then the freeway.

There are four additional platted areas between Portland Bld (Rosa Parks) and the Love Donation Land Claim. The Lochinvar Addition (pink) starts at what is now Albina and has Congress as its East boundary. Its North boundary is a little bit south of current Dekum. The Gem Addition (yellow) goes from Congress to Vancouver. It starts in the South at Dekum and then ends in the North half way Dekum and Bryant. On the Eastside of Vancouver we have Saratoga (green), which goes from Dekum to Bryant, and from Vancouver to halfway between Cleveland and Rodney. And finally there is Piedmont Park (pink) which goes East to current MLK and Woodlawn, and continues for three lots South of Dekum. In the North its boundary is Woodlawn Street, which now is Bryant.

Note that Union ends at Portland Blvd, although the railway continues North to Vancouver (WA) on the East border of the Lewis Love Donation. In 1898 residents of Piedmont and Woodlawn wanted the City to extend Union Avenue North to the city limits, but Lewis Love refused to have it run over his land. Piedmont also missed an opportunity. In 1902 proposals for sites of the Lewis and Clark Centennial were due. Lewis Love offered (at no charge) 200 acres on the south side of his donation land, with the sole condition that “the fair authorities must clear the land”. Ultimately, the exposition went to Guild’s Lake area on the West Side. Lewis Love died in 1903, and his heirs eagerly got rid of their pieces, thus creating Loveleigh, Lovewood, Love’s Addition, and the Green C Love Addition.

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