PNA Statement 02/08/2017

The Piedmont Neighborhood Association, along with North Portland Neighborhood Office, welcomes refugees, immigrants, and people of any color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. We will not tolerate hateful rhetoric that scapegoats or threatens our neighbors. We share the feelings expressed in the letter of the Montevilla Neighborhood Association to its members (

Maybe you too are worried, or even frightened, by the current political climate. The only way out seems to be to build political power from the bottom up, starting at the local geographical level. In Portland this can most efficiently be done by making existing neighborhood associations stronger, more active, and more representative. And by giving them a more influential role in city government.

The Community Involvement chapter of the 2035 Comprehensive plan ( dilutes the role and influence of neighborhood associations. This is partly because of the increasing influence of real estate interests, and partly because neighborhood associations are seen as not diverse enough. And indeed, the PNA board needs better representation of people of color, students, seniors, renters, and businesses. We do not assume every neighbor has exactly the same interests and priorities.

We are an open organization. If you regularly attend the monthly board meetings (third Wednesdays), then you ARE a PNA board member. If you adopt a project, activity, or initiative then you are an active board member, and we appreciate you even more. Our next board meeting is Wednesday February 15, Peninsula Park Community Center, 7pm-9pm.

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