Minutes from PNA General Meeting 28 Apr 2016

(Sourced from Jan’s post on Nextdoor: https://piedmontportland.nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=24932218 .  Nextdoor is a great place to discuss these minutes and other local news, and it is free to sign up!)

Piedmont Neighborhood General Meeting
April 28, 2016

Action item:
After discussing the topic of adopting the strip of land between N. Columbia Blvd and the Columbia Slough, a motion was made and seconded to amend our bylaws to expand our boundaries to include this area into the Piedmont neighborhood. This motion was approved with the following vote results: 9 in favor, 2 abstain, 0 opposed.

Follow up needed: Linda will present this information to the Kenton and E. Columbia neighborhoods, adjoining this strip of land to the north and west, for their approval.

2. The Friends of the Peninsula Park Rose Garden gave a presentation about their Preservation Strategy. Please see their website at penrosefriends.org for more information. And please join them for the following events:

June 4: Rose care class
July 15: Ice cream social
August 21: Art in the Rose Garden

3. Friends of Lombard updates and information: Linda provided an overview of the Lombard Reimagined project

4. Piedmont Neighborhood Spring Clean Up recap: thank you to all of the volunteers as well as all those who brought junk and reusable items. This was a very successful clean up with 4.8 tons of garbage disposed of, 2 truck loads of electronics recycled, many items reused by neighbors and the non-profit Teen Challenge and much fun had by all! We will do it again next year in April.

2 responses to “Minutes from PNA General Meeting 28 Apr 2016”

  1. Lee Ann B. on Farragut Avatar
    Lee Ann B. on Farragut

    Thanks for taking on the task of keeping Piedmont neighbors informed about what’s going on at our neighborhood association!

    1. underscorefool Avatar

      We’re doing our best. Glad it helped!

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