Upcoming Events: General Meeting & Neighborhood Cleanup

In the next 2 weeks the Piedmont Neighborhood Association will be holding two big events!

First up is our General Meeting on Thursday, April 24th @ 7pm in the Peninsula Park Community Center. We’ll have have a number of guests coming to talk to our neighborhood and will be talking about many important issues for our neighborhood.

Later that week is the Piedmont Neighborhood Cleanup Day on Saturday, April 26th from 9am to 1:30pm. This year we’ll be joining with the East Columbia Neighborhood Association to have a joint cleanup day. We’ll be accepting all kinds of waste that you’d normally have to take to the dump and it will only cost $5 a car load, $10 for trucks/vans and $15 for trailers or oversized loads. This is a great way to finish up your spring cleaning and get rid of some unwanted items. This year we’ll be collecting items at the Minit Mart parking lot at 630 NE Marine Drive near NE 6th and NE Faloma (see the map below).

2 responses to “Upcoming Events: General Meeting & Neighborhood Cleanup”

  1. Isn’t the general meeting at June key?

    Piedmont Neighborhood Associati

  2. No, as I mentioned above, the General Meeting will be in the Peninsula Park Community Center this time.

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