Piedmont Trees Inventory

Four volunteers have stepped up and requested support from Portland Parks to conduct a tree inventory of the Piedmont Neighborhood!

More people are needed! If you wish to participate please mark your calendar for the Saturday, March 16th training session and register at the link below, we can carpool out there. Here is an excerpt from the approval letter:

On Saturday, March 16 a required planning session will be held from 9 am to noon at SE Uplift at 3534 SE Main St. All persons who will be assisting with organizing the tree inventory are encouraged to attend. Please register ahead of time at: http://tinyurl.com/treeinventory2013. The planning session will cover inventory logistics, volunteer recruitment, planning tools, and responsibilities of your group and PP&R. Conducting an inventory and creating a Neighborhood Tree Plan are ambitious projects that require the help and commitment of a group to be successful.

Please bring the following items with you to the March 16 planning session:

Neighborhood calendar. In order to prevent conflicts with major neighborhood events, please research annual community events that occur each summer and bring a list with you. Inventory work days will be scheduled on Saturdays from 8:30 am to noon between June 22 and September 27. Each neighborhood will
select 3-4 inventory work days.

  • A list of possible staging sites for inventory workshops within your community.
  • Ideas for volunteer recruitment in your community.

2 responses to “Piedmont Trees Inventory”

  1. Piedmont folks beware…Dozer Construction is buying properties in the neighborhood and building infill houses, calling them subdivisions…their latest is at 203 N Holland, where they plan to build 5 houses on a lot that originally has held one small home…the lots will be nothing but houses, no yards and increase the street parking by 10+ plus cars on a busy corner street. They also plan to remove the 100 yr old trees from the back yard. How can we stop this!

  2. Donna,
    You may make an appeal to BDS to reject the Dozer subdivision proposal. A signed petition from the immediate neighbors asking for appropriate design features and saving the trees might influence the builder and the city agency. I personally feel that this type of high density development- zero lot-line set-back, no yards or permeable green space, lack of regard for existing neighborhood context such as facades, textures, architectural styles, set-backs- is out of character with our neighborhood, and does add burden to resources like parks and parking. A common complaint with these type of developments is the “kit” style building plan that does not distinguish between corner and mid-block, so the corner house presents a facade and a “blank” side to the neighborhood (ie, fairly recent construction w/ “blank faces” along Rosa Parks Way). The trees are beautiful, older trees- Douglas fir, cherry, etc, that offer a picturesque view and are of a size and cluster that is rare in Piedmont and north Portland. They will likely be cut unless permits are refused. Sometimes trees can receive “heritage tree” designation, but the city forester won’t do that assessment again until 2014- too late. The builder might be persuaded to save them if there is demonstrable value to his bottom line, so perhaps see http://www.iTree.org, an on-line resource w/ free app for assessing $ values of trees.

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