Neighborhood Clean-Up

Piedmont Neighborhood Cleanup 5-28-2012


On a sunny day earlier this Spring the Piedmont Neighborhood Association had its first Neighborhood Cleanup in many years. Supported by the Holy Redeemer, provided space, and the North Portland Neighborhood Services (NPNS), they assist North Portland neighborhoods in events like these and other beneficial opportunities.


Operating only 4-hours, this group of seven volunteers (Shaun, Maxine, Deanne, Justin, James, Mike, and John) shuttled cars, pickups, trailers, and a Uhaul truck to dumpsters to take green waste, bulk waste, and electronic/metal waste.


A Swap Area was also created this year so that people could bring usable items to swap with others. The overall mission of the cleanup was to enable residents of Piedmont to bring in trash and yard debris, but also learn about reuse through the swap.


Shout outs:

Thanks to John for reserving the Holy Redeemer parking lot and getting snacks and lunch for the volunteers.

Thanks to Maxine for organizing the Swap Area, it looked great throughout the day!

Thanks to Deanne and Shaun for greeting drivers and collecting cash.

Thanks to Shaun for using her truck to handle the leftover swap items.

Thanks to James and Mike for helping people unload stuff and sort items, and keeping the process moving. You guys did a lot of the heavy lifting for people!

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