SmartTrips is Here!

Portland SmartTrips, currently in its eighth year, is a comprehensive approach to reduce drive-alone trips and increase biking, walking and public transit trips in targeted geographic areas of the city. It incorporates an innovative and highly effective individualized marketing methodology, which, via bike delivery, distributes packets of information to residents who wish to learn more about all their transportation options. Key components feature biking and walking maps and organized activities which help people discover how many trips they can easily, conveniently and safely make without using a car. Success is tracked by evaluating qualitative and quantitative results from surveys and other performance measures.

Primary goals for the project include:

  • Reducing drive alone trips
  • Reducing vehicle miles driven by area residents and employees
  • Increasing awareness and raising acceptability of all travel modes
  • Increasing walking, biking, transit, carpooling and car sharing trips
  • Increasing neighborhood mobility and livability
  • Increase bicycling and walking safety

BOTTOM LINEOrder your free materials and join these FREE walks, bike rides and clinics! Women on Bikes, Portland By Cycle, Senior Strolls, and Ten Toe Express

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