>Neighborhood Street Tree Inventory

>A street tree inventory can provide your neighborhood with essential data for planning stewardship activities, such as species and size distribution, available planting spaces, and maintenance needs of trees in your area. Inventory data can also be used to quantify ecosystem services provided by trees, such as air quality improvement and stormwater retention.

Join City Nature staff and learn to conduct an inventory using paper forms or a handheld computer. Participants will practice collecting data, including tree species, DBH, and a tree health rating. Learn to correctly determine where street trees can be planted using City guidelines working around utilities, meters, and traffic signs. Opportunities to work with staff to complete a local tree inventory and neighborhood stewardship plan will be discussed.

The workshop is free but advanced registration is required.

Participants are encouraged to dress for the weather and to bring their favorite tree identification book.

Prerequisite: Identifying Portland’s Street Trees workshop or adequate knowledge of Portland’s street tree species.

Register online now. To register by phone or email: Contact Autumn Montegna at 503-701-7622 or autumn.montegna@portlandoregon.gov.

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