>Burglaries are on the rise in North Portland. Get to know your neighbors, lock your home/cars and call the police when you hear anything!

The only way we will keep enough officers on our streets to protect us, is to let them know we need them.

Report everything you see and hear at 503-823-3333 for non-emergencies.

At the latest North Portland PSAC (Public Safety Action committee) meeting on February 25, 2010, Police Officers stated there has been a sharp increase in burglaries in North and Northeast Portland. These burglaries have included car, business and house break-ins. It has been reported that there is an increase in “peeping tom” calls; however, the police believe that these people are actually looking for items that can be quickly taken from a home. The Police ask that you be very cognizant about not leaving valuables in your cars and keeping your doors and windows locked in your homes. Also, it is very important that you report any strange activity in your neighborhood. For any non emergency, you can call 503 823-3333. If you see a crime happening, do not hesitate to call 911.

The increase in burglaries will be discussed by Police Officers at our March 11th meeting. We will also discuss the importance of Neighborhood Watches and how we can work as a community to help decrease burglaries. We hope to see you on March 11th.

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