>Piedmont Neighborhood Gathering and “SHOW AND TELL” Event



Thursday, March 11th, 7 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.
Rosemont Court, 597 N Dekum St
Snacks, Fun, Friendship, and Cash Drawing

Piedmont Neighborhood Association invites you to come meet your neighbors on March 11th at 7 P.M. at Rosemont Court. This is a new meeting place for Piedmont Neighbors. Come see this beautifully restored building. The front doors are located at the corner of Dekum and Kerby.

Piedmont Neighborhood will be having a “SHOW AND TELL” Event at this gathering. You will have a chance to talk to your neighbors and see all the good work Piedmont Neighborhood does for our community.

There will be tables displayed with information, resources and ideas:
Learn of the visionary plans Piedmont has in store for the future
Updates on Rosa Parks crosswalk/bike lanes and art project
Bryant Street Bridge Project update
June Key Delta House updates
Sunday Parkways; activities and parties
How to throw block party information
Block watches, safety information; with our Portland Police Liaison present for questions
TriMet information and walk/bike maps
Events to come – National Night Out in Peninsula Park
Movies in the Park and Concerts in the Park
Earth Day neighborhood Clean Ups
Friends of Tree Planting events
Meet the new Peninsula Parks Director; learn of the classes available at our park
History of neighborhood
Map of businesses in order to walk, bike, bus to.

Piedmont Neighborhood Association wants to communicate with you without having to print on paper. To do this we need your email address.
Just go to: http://www.PiedmontNeighborhood.com and sign up under “mailing”. After you sign up on the website, we will put your name in a hat and at the meeting we will draw the winner. (You must be at the gathering on March 11th to win and the email address must be valid.) There will be a second drawing for those that have already put their name on the e-list so all of us are eligible for cold hard cash on March 11th – though you still have to be present to win.

We understand that not everyone has a computer or access to the internet. If you would like us to still communicate with you via mail, please let us know and we will provide you with a way to stay in touch. You too can have a chance to win the $50, but you must be at the March 11th meeting to be entered into the drawing.

Please join us on 3.11.10 at 7 p.m. at Rosemont Court to learn more about your association and a chance to win $50!

Log on to: http://www.PiedmontNeighborhood.com for future meetings and other events in Piedmont.

One response to “>Piedmont Neighborhood Gathering and “SHOW AND TELL” Event”

  1. >Thank you for the paper note that showed us how to "be on line" to keep up with things…We are probably going to be at the gathering on the 11th of March. Hopefully, our own block will be represented well at the even.Thank You for this connection…Sharon & Gary Hall / Ainsworth St

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