>Piedmont Neighborhood and Sunday Park Ways


March 25, 2009


North Portland needs your ideas!


“Sunday Parkways” is coming to the North and we want you to be a part of the planning!


The Piedmont Neighborhood Association is organizing a brain-storming gathering to decide how to best represent North Portland at Peninsula Park and the Bryant Street Foot Bridge during Sunday Park Ways on June 21st, 2009.  Sunday Parkways organizers will be leading the brain-storming session.

Thousands of people travel from all over the city to experience
Sunday Park Ways.  We need your help to create an event, or display, to showcase North Portland. 


Come to the gathering, bring your ideas and energy and enjoy some refreshments and your neighbors on:

When: Thursday, April 9th,
7 pm

Peninsula Park Community Center

            705 N Rosa Parks Way (Albina and RPW)
What: Bring your ideas on how to celebrate
North Portland during Sunday Park Ways


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2 responses to “>Piedmont Neighborhood and Sunday Park Ways”

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  2. >Man, I missed this. I would’ve shared lots of things. Wish something like this would come up in the offing.

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