>Friends Of Trees Planting in Piedmont


Friends of Trees is seeking volunteers for their tree planting event on Feburary 14th in Piedmont (also Boise, Elliot, Humboldt, King and Sabin). Neighbors will plant trees in their own neighborhood.

Visit the Friends of Trees web site and click the Volunteer link. You can also contact our neighborhood coordinator Kathleen at rowlands-rugge@hotmail.com.

Although it is too late to order trees for this planting, you can visit their www site and click on “Order Street & Yard Trees” to set up an account to buy trees for your yard or parking strip. Once you set up an account, Friends of Trees will arrange for the city of Portland to inspect the planting site and issue a permit.

I’ll be volunteering again this year and I hope to see you the morning of 14th!

2 thoughts on “>Friends Of Trees Planting in Piedmont

  1. >I was wondering if Piedmont was participating in the friends of trees project again in 2010. Looking to get some street trees, and happy to participate in the planting. Stephanie.

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