>N/NE Patching Up Old Wounds

>Steve Law with the Portland Tribune has a recent article on touches upon many of the events over the last 60 years that have impacted Portland’s African-American community.

At the end of the article, I found the following detailed events very eye opening…

  • 1948: Flooding overruns Vanport, a wartime city near present-day Delta Park in North Portland, destroying 5,295 housing units and displacing 17,000 people, 35 percent of them black
  • 1960: Memorial Coliseum completed; 476 housing units destroyed, 46 percent of them occupied by blacks
  • 19611966: Interstate 5 freeway through North Portland completed; displaces 125 homes occupied by blacks and numerous black-owned businesses
  • 19641973: Albina Neighborhood Improvement Program; Portland Development Commission spends $2 million on home-repair loans in inner North and Northeast Portland, builds Unthank Park near North Shaver Street and Kerby Avenue, makes sidewalk and other improvements
  • 19701973: Emanuel Hospital urban renewal; with city’s assistance, 188 nearby homes and black commercial node at N. Russell and Williams are cleared to make way for hospital expansion; Emanuel halts work in April 1973 with loss of federal funding, leaving some blocks undeveloped for decades
  • 19701975: Neighborhood Development Program – using $14 million in federal Model Cities funds, PDC pays for home-repair loans and community services in inner north and northeast neighborhoods
  • 1993: Oregon Convention Center Urban Renewal Area expanded to include part of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard; city excludes residential areas because of bad blood left from Emanuel land clearing
  • 2000: PDC creates Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area, in tandem with extension of MAX line along Interstate Boulevard
  • 2008: PDC begins study to expand urban renewal in North and Northeast Portland

You can read the full article HERE.

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