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This winter’s early heavy snowfall caused treacherous driving conditions for motorists, and it is also creating another potential hazard – potholes. The combination of heavy snow and rain, freezing and expanding of moisture under pavement, and thawing has produced potholes, and Maintenance Operations crews busy with sand and gravel cleanup, flood preparation and response, and more snow removal efforts in the West Hills have had limited time and resources to make needed repairs. But pothole patch crews are rolling.

“It’s an ongoing battle,” said Mayor Sam Adams. “On Monday we received two dozen calls to our Pothole Hotline. On Wednesday we received five dozen calls.”

Call the Pothole Hotline at 503-823-BUMP (2867)

Listen to the recording and be prepared to provide some basic information, including the location of the pothole, nearest cross street, your name and contact information, and the time and date of your call.

The Hotline is checked daily. Upon receiving a report, a staff member determines that the street is in fact a Portland-maintained street. It would be a violation of City policy for the program to repair a pothole on a non-maintained street or a street that is the responsibility of another city, the County, or the State.

Pothole repair crews are given their lists each morning and work their way around the city in assigned geographic areas. Crews aim to investigate every pothole on city maintained streets within 48 hours of being notified, although weather, emergencies, and other work demands can sometimes require response times longer than 48 hours.

If weather or other conditions prohibit a permanent thermal patch repair, a cold patch repairs the immediate hazard and crews follow up the emergency repairs with permanent repairs during warmer and drier periods.

To report a pothole in other jurisdictions outside the city of Portland, use the following numbers:
Clackamas County – 503-650-3262
Multnomah County – 503-988-5050
Washington County – 503-846-7623
Beaverton – 503-526-3709
Gresham – 503-618-2525
Lake Oswego – 503-635-0280
Milwaukie – 503-786-7600
ODOT Freeways – 503-283-5859

According to Mayor Adams, “Any time is the right time to call in your request for a pothole repair.” He also encourages motorists to pay attention to road conditions and drive safely.

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