>Ladybug Nature Walks

>This Saturday, from 10:00am to 11:00am a Portland Parks’ Ladybug Nature Walk will be held at Peninsula Park.

Touch slimy slugs, smell tree bark, look under rocks, feel crinkly and soft leaves, hear musical bird songs, creep up on furry bunnies or even climb a tree. Youngsters and their parents are exposed a variety of environmental activities and curiosities in parks around town. We practice techniques that are necessary for developing good observation skills for young naturalists – looking closely at insects, dissecting plant parts, using magnifying glasses, and listening quietly are some of the skills. All walks take place at 10:00am, regardless of weather conditions, and last 1 to 1½ hours. No registration is necessary – just meet in the park. Routes that are accessible to strollers are marked with an * in the brochure. We recommend you bring a snack and water. Cost is $2/child; no fee for parent.

Read more in the 2008 Ladybug Nature Walk Brochure.

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