>Peninsula Park Water Feature

>Several PNA boards ago, board members worked with the Parks Department to get some ICURA (Insterstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area) money slated for parks into Peninsula Park. Money was set aside to replace the wading pool and sandbox at Peninsula Park with a spray water feature for young children (Parks is moving to replace all standing water features with spray water features). Additional benches and a grassy knoll were also discussed.

Last summer George Lozovoy of the Parks Department held a community meeting, open to the public, at the Peninsula Park Community Center. Though sparsely attended, the neighborhood residents who did show up were able to vote on the style and color of water feature. The general consensus was that it should be colorful and geared toward smaller children, since it will be sited next to the smaller playground structures and since the Peninsula Park Pool is already geared toward older children.

Groundbreaking was scheduled for last fall, but according to Seve Ghose of Portland Parks, it was postponed until this June. PDC (Portland Development Commission), which manages ICURA monies, reshuffled priorities to other North Portland parks and put this project on the back burner. However, because construction during the summer would seriously interfere with Peninsula Park’s great summer program, groundbreaking for the water feature is now slated for August 17, 2008.

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