>Stumptown Challenge – July 19th

Piedmont’s very own Kat Halpenny (also PNA Land Use Co-Chair) is organizing a city-wide adventure race on July 19th. The Stumptown Challenge.

The race is intended as a medium to encourage Portlanders to engage with their city in a way that is healthy, promotes public transportation, and highlights local businesses on a neighborhood level. Participants will solve clues to find different checkpoints across the city and will reach them on foot or TriMet.

It will be a blast and will be a great way for neighbors to meet each other. Check out their website (HERE).

The race is primarily funded through local business sponsorships. If you know of a great LOCAL business that might be interested in sponsoring this event, please let Kat know. You can email her here… info@stumptownchallenge.com

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