>New Bryant Bridge Design Proposals!

Piedmont’s very own Compressed Pattern just submitted their design proposal for the Bryant Bridge Project! Check out their proposal (HERE) and pics of their design (1, 2, 3, 4). The pics have also been added to the design slideshow found on the bridge’s page…

7 responses to “>New Bryant Bridge Design Proposals!”

  1. >Hope spray paint comes off of the cool rusted metal artwork easily. Love the landscaping and the pavers with plantable spaces, but graffiti is a real problem in this area and needs to be considered.

  2. >Hello neighbors. I just wanted to address the valid concern of ease of paint removal. Since sheet steel is a smooth surface using a simple paint thinning solution will take it right off. In addition it is very easy to sandblast or even sand. Once cleaned the panel will immediatly start rusting and create a new rust pattern.Thanks for the complimants mrsmcangrypants!

  3. >Very cool concept!!!i love the pavers.not sure about the rusty panels, what about reflective stainless (brushed or mirror). I think it can be securely framed. any paint would wipe off. on a rusty surface it may scar or make surface inconsistent.relfective panels would also help with visibility, motion detection, light and shadow reflection. Please see this slide http://picasaweb.google.com/Piedmont.Neighborhood/BryantStreetBridgeDesign/photo#5192161132752636674

  4. >Everything looks great, except the circular center pavers with grass growing out. We are not a fan.We really like the pathway and the landscape design. What about a circular street painting? Like the ones over in the Hawthorne neighborhood –something bright and cheerful.

  5. >I love this design! We use these bridge at least 3-4 times a week, and I think this design addresses many of the issues we have.I like the circular pavers, mainly because I’m a stormwater geek and think anytime you can add pervious surface, we should! It wouldn’t have to be grass, but I like the idea of permeability. You could always paint the pavers…

  6. >Greetings. I like the design overall – the committee is doing a great job! The rusted metal artwork looks good – agree that graffiti removal needs to be do-able. Can the metal be finished like the NYC graffiti proof subway cars? I like the look of the circular pavers as long as they don’t cause issues for bikes riding over these. If there are issues then I think the circular painting is a grand idea. I also feel that the posts on the side of the path should not be used – I see lots of folks w/ bike trailers using this bridge and the posts along the side are a hazzard, especially as traffic on the bridge increases(I was on the bridge this morning – along with 3 other bikes and a stroller – might be the most people I’ve seen on the bridge at once yet)!

  7. >Hi All,Just to remind you that this is just one design. There are lots of other designs posted on this website that include street paintings and other features that came out of lots of community meetings. Check those out too and let us know what you like.Input will result in a final plan sometime soon.LaraBryant St. Bridge Committee

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