>Why Not Portland?

>At the last PNA General Meeting Mathew Deschane from WhyNotPortland.org spoke regarding his group’s ballot initiative. Below is additional information on the subject. You can also go directly to their www site… http://www.whynotportland.org/

Today more than 9000 kids can’t see a doctor in Portland. They are our neighbors, our relatives, the classmates of our sons and daughters. They’re the kids of hard-working parents whose employers don’t provide health-care and whose modest income makes them ineligible for Medicaid and the Oregon Health Plan. They’re the unprotected kids in our community who are falling through the cracks. We believe that every child deserves access to a good doctor. Our initiative will provide low-cost, quality medical coverage for all the children of Portland public schools. With the city of Portland projecting a budget surplus of $39 million, we have the resources to do it. This means no new taxes are required to put this critical plan into action.
1. Monetary contributions: Money is needed to hire a signature gathering firm. The cost will be $93,000 to gather signatures. We have raised $53,000 of the money
at this time. Checks may be made payable to WhyNotPortland.Org, c/o Fanno Creek Clinic, 2400 SW Vermont Street, Portland, OR, 97219. Contributions
are tax deductible as political contributions only. Alternatively you can donate on-line using the form on our action page.
2. Help collect signatures. Copies of the signature sheets can be obtained by calling Fanno Creek Clinicat 503-452-0915. Signature sheets will be mailed to you, including instructions for completion.

One response to “>Why Not Portland?”

  1. >this is great, thanks for posting this news. i hadn’t heard about this initiative. i know that oregon legislature is also reviewing universal health care options. but this seems a lot more immediate, and needed!

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