>Land Use Notice – 7412 N. Mississippi Ave

>The PNA has received an UPDATED Land Use Notice from The City Of Portland for 556 N. Buffalo Street. The notice can be viewed on our Land Use page…HERE.

Note, a link to the PNA Land Use wiki page can be found off our home page here… www.PiedmontNeighborhood.com. It is cryptically titled “Land Use.”

2 responses to “>Land Use Notice – 7412 N. Mississippi Ave”

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  2. >To be clear, the purpose of these “Land Use Notice” posts is to share the information the PNA receives from the City of Portland about land use in the Piedmont neighborhood with the the folks that visit this site.If the PNA had an opinion on the issue, it would surely come from our Land Use Chair. Although the City of Portland’s ‘comment period’ has passed for this permit, I would encourage you to get involved with the neighborhood association if issues like this one are important to you.

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