>PPS Student Assignment Policy Survey

>Superintendent Carole Smith is interested in your feedback on a draft policy she plans to propose to the Portland School Board later this month.

The school district now assigns students to neighborhood schools based on their home addresses and the school’s attendance area boundaries. The policy clarifies that existing practice, and sets new guidelines for changing neighborhood school boundaries.

When the school district does consider school boundary changes, what are the most important issues to consider?

To take the survey, click HERE.

There is also an article over at OregonLive.com that covers the topic in more detail. Click HERE for the full story.

One response to “>PPS Student Assignment Policy Survey”

  1. >Superintendent Smith will review the results before recommending the policy to the School Board, which will then consider the policy at public meetings before a final vote in June.Have more to say? Let us know:Superintendent Carole Smith503-916-3200Superintendent@pps.k12.or.usPortland School Board503-916-3741SchoolBoard@pps.k12.or.usOr write to:501 N. Dixon St.Portland, OR 97227

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