>MARK YOUR CALENDAR: APRIL 18TH, 9AM (location tba)

The PNA has received the following from the OLCC…

Just an FYI: this months Commission meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 18th at 9am. The only licensing matter for the Portland area is Civic Food Mart. The recommendation going to the Commissioners is to grant the license without the restrictions.

If you or any of the neighbors would like to speak to the Commissioners about this
license matter, please be sure to sign in with me the morning of the meeting. I will be right up front when you come in with a sign in sheet.

If you have any questions, give me a call or e-mail me. My number is 503.872.5135 and I work 7-5:30 Tuesday – Friday (with the exception of this Friday).

Have a great day!

Carrie Korbe
License Procedure Coordinator
Oregon Liquor Control Commission


-53 letters from the community in opposition to the lifting of restrictions.
-Letter from the Chief of Police with a “recommendation of no endorsement”
-Public Safety Manager for Portland Public Parks opposes the lifting of restrictions
-Peninsula Park Community Center opposes the lifting of restrictions
-Piedmont Neighborhood Association STRONGLY opposes the lifting of restrictions
-300 feet of a children’s playground
-the store is in a designated “Alcohol Impact Zone”

The OLCC’s recommendation is detrimental to our community. Take action and show up to the hearing. Let the OLCC know that this is our neighborhood…our community…our lives. The OLCC’s behavior is unacceptable.

I have sent an email to the OLCC’s Carrie Korbe requesting the location of the hearing (note that bit of info was conviently left out of their letter to us). I will post on this blog as soon as hear from them.

You can read the PNA’s letter to the OLCC…HERE

You can read previous posts on this subject…HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

9 responses to “>OLCC…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!”

  1. >Nice to see that our letters to OLCC were apparently being ignored. Nevermind the studies that show that off-site alcohol sales can contribute to a deteriment of public safety. Nevermind the public outcry from the local community. This is a store that sees need for steel bars on the windows and staffed security personnel. THIS is a store that wants to provide more alcohol in our neighborhood???

  2. >At 6pm last night, did anyone else notice the police car, firetruck, ambulance, (shooting and/or stabbing) victim (participant?) and clots of gawking yet uncooperative youths at the Gang-Mart next to Peninsula Park? There sure is a lot of broken glass and gang-related gunfire around the neighborhood.I just have a hard time understanding how lax OLCC regulations for Crime-Marts combined with truant young men (who would rather pick up a gun than a book) is helpful to society. I wonder what MLK would say…

  3. >This blatant disregard for the greater social good by the OLCCis prime example of why these liquor salesmen/bureaucrats should have their charter revoked or at least amended!

  4. >The Portland Sentinel has an an article on this issue. They list the meeting location…The Oregon Liquor Control Commission meeting will be held April 18 in Room 103A of the OLCC office at 9097 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Members of the public can testify if they arrive at 9 a.m. and sign in.I will create a new blog post w/ this information.The full article can be viewed here…http://portlandsentinel.com/?q=node/737

  5. >I live directly across the street from the park on Kerby Ave. As a concerned neighbor who feels that we are going to see the OLCC ignore our pleas and lift the restrictions, I contacted some local new stations. I did so in an effort to draw attention to our issue. I’ve been contacted by Nick Bradshaw at KGW. He wants to do a news piece on our fight to save our neighborhood and he recalled the story his station did on the AJ JAVA shooting recently as well. He’s asked to meet with me and any other neighbors who would like to share their concerns. We’re meeting:Tomorrow – Thurs, Apr. 10th,6pm. We will be meeting somewhere around the park/Civic Mart – to be determined tomorrow.I encourage everyone to show up who possibly can so we can draw as much attention to this as possible prior to the OLCC hearing on the 18th.Please contact Nick Bradshaw at #503-226-5111 – Re: Civic Food Mart/OLCC/Piedmont – or – contact me directly for details.Thanks,Raerae136@netzero.com

  6. >I have sent yet another letter to the OLCC, which obviously does no good. However, I copied it to Rep. Chip Shields. OLCC is a state agency and I think our state representative should be aware of what is going on.

  7. >Where is Rep Chip shields on this?!

  8. >Rep Shields has been emailed…emailed…called.His contact information is…rep.chipshields@state.or.us503-986-1443 (Salem)

  9. >State Representative Chip Shields’ legislative office:503-231-2564

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