>Shots Fired in Peninsula Park – Update

>The Portland Mercury has a write up on the February 19th incident in Peninsula Park where shots were fired and the windows of AJ Java were broken.

…”It was just very real,” said Rohter. “Until then, we’d generally think loud noises weren’t gun shots. But everyone in the park was scared, and then this group of kids ran into the park and we weren’t sure if they had guns. We were really frightened.”

The incident followed another shooting on the same corner on January 13, and Cole, who admits the couple “knew what we were getting into” when they moved in, started firing off letters to her house of representatives and city commissioners.

“We just wanted a testimonial to how we’re feeling living here,” she said. “It gets exhausting and tiresome. It was kind of an experiment to see who’d contact us back.”
After hearing directly from Mayor Tom Potter and City Commissioner Randy Leonard, Cole and Rohter got a call from Ingram, who suggested they meet…

You can read the full article HERE.

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