>PNA General Meeting Agenda

>PNA General Meeting Agenda
Thursday 2008-03-27 (NEW DAY!) @ 7pm (NEW TIME!)
Holy Redeemer School – Clare Hall (for a map, click HERE)

1) Report from local PPB Officers

2) Neighborhood Watch – Mary Tompkins, Crime Prevention for NE Coalition (also represents the Piedmont Neighborhood), will speak about Neighborhood Watch at our general meeting on the 27. Mary Tompkins will speak about the watch program for about 10 minutes; if there is enough interest from any particular member(s) of the neighborhood, Mary will set up an hour training session with those people who are interested.

3) PNA Safety Chair Barbara Kveton to present information on two upcoming events: “Spiff up Albina” and Spiff Up MLK

2) Janis McDonald from the City of Portland Office of Transportation is seeking approval from the PNA for a noise variance for the Portland Sunday Parkways event happening 2008-06-22. More details on their www site…HERE.

4) Urban League of Portland (Adult and Senior Services Program) – Darlina Young from the Urban League of Portland will present a 15 minute presentation on the services they offer for adult and seniors in our community. More details on their www site…HERE

5) Summer Concerts at Peninsula Park – Call for volunteers to help raise money from local businesses

6) Any additional announcements/discussions

One response to “>PNA General Meeting Agenda”

  1. >Hi Justin! Karol here from County Commissioner Jeff Cogen’s office. We’d love to have Jeff come to a meeting in the future. Can you email me @karol.collymore@co.multnomah.or.us?Thanks!

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