>Title 29 Memo to Council

>The following was sent to NPNS and PNA.

The Neighborhood Inspections team is going to city council with some proposed code changes. Here is the email…

Sorry this is such short notice but attached is an ordinance that will amend Title 29, The City’s Property Maintenance Code which is enforced by Neighborhood
Inspections, which will create new enforcement language and tools to deal
especially with Chronic Offenders that impact negatively on neighborhood
livability. For example: Require property owners to subscribe to garbage service with the franchised hauler if there have been 2 or more violations posted within 1 year at the property relating to trash, garbage and/or litter; Allow chronic offenders identified by Neighborhood Inspections to be referred to the Code Hearings Officer for additional sanctions or referred to the District Attorney’s office for Criminal Prosecution.

A lot of you indicated support and will probably remember these proposed Code changes from when Neighborhood Inspections was in ONI as that is when they were initially proposed.

The Council hearing on these proposed Code Amendments is item # 379 scheduled for Thursday, March 20th on the Regular Agenda. The Council Clerk estimates that the approx. time to hear the proposed Code Amendments will be 2:45 PM in City Council Chambers.

To view the document that came with the email…click HERE

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