>Spring Plastics Roundup

>Spring Master Recycler Plastics Roundup will take place on two Saturdays and four locations:

Saturday May 3rd 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at two locations:

* Southeast Portland: Floyd Light Middle School 10800 SE Washington MAP
* North Portland: Hosted by Kaiser Permanente West Interstate 3325 N Interstate (Off Fremont and Overlook Park) MAP

Saturday, May 17th 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at two locations:

* Lake Oswego: Co-hosted by Shorenstein Realty Services LP and Autodesk, Inc. 5400 Meadows rd. MAP

* PCC Rock Creek PCC Rock Creek Campus 17705 NW Springville rd lot D MAP

What’s New:

The list of accepted plastics in curbside programs expanded in Gresham, Washington and Clackamas Counties. Portland is waiting until the new roll cart system is implemented and they will also be accepting the new plastics. So, this May will be the last time that these plastics will be accepted in the Master Recycler Plastics Roundups.

Curbside Plastics (starting this spring with the new roll carts in Portland):
* Containers with a neck (like bottles)- 6-oz. or larger
* Margarine or yogurt-type tubs- 6-oz. or larger
* Rigid plant pots- 4 inches or larger
* Buckets- 5-gallons or smaller

Please note the two major no-no’s at the Master Recycler Roundups: plastics with metal or electronics inside and plastics often labeled “biodegradable” or “compostable” “PLA”. Examples we have seen at the Roundups are Fred Meyer organic herbs and spinach and Burgerville cups for cold drinks. PLA will damage plastics recycling machines and contaminate the plastic we are trying to recycle. So, please don’t take them to the Roundups.

-Please SORT and RINSE plastics ahead of time into the following categories:
-Plastic “bags” (dry cleaning, store sacks, cereal liners, bubble wrap, Mylar, six pack rings, tortilla chip bags, freezer bags, zip lock bags, etc.)
-Plant pots and trays (please knock out dirt ahead of time)
-Please rinse and sort plastics with numbers by numbers (bags and pots go in first categories)
-Miscellaneous plastics without numbers: bottle caps, lids, DVD’s, CDs, CD cases, straws, vinyl, lawn/patio furniture, play structures, pet igloos, laundry baskets, kiddy pools & more. (Bring it, we’ll try to take it.)
-Plastic reuse items (good lawn chairs, tables, cat litter buckets & more)

We are sorry we CANNOT accept:
-“Styrofoam” blocks, peanuts, food trays, or egg cartons.
-Plastic printed “compostable” or # PLA 7.
-Plastics with a neck (these are accepted in all curbside programs)
-PVC pipe.
-Food-contaminated or dirty plastic.
-Foam or rubber.

Plastic with metal or electronics inside (spray bottle nozzles and hand lotion pumps have metal springs and ball bearings in them) (Small toys may also have imbedded metal).

For more information visit http://www.masterrecycler.org

Also, remember, most of the plastics we accept can be recycled year round at many local recycling depots. To find out more call Metro’s Recycling Information at (503)234-3000.

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