>OH JUST GREAT. So I’m reading OregonLive’s blog and come across THIS article that details how zip code 97217 is in a radon risk zone described as “Highest Potential for Indoor Radon”

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Apparently we have the Missoula Floods to thank for dumping sediments with radon-generating goodness in our area.

The article (HERE) does an excellent job detailing the risks, the resources you can turn to in your efforts to determine whether your home has radon gas, and what your options are if it does have high levels of radon.

On the Oregon Radon Gas web site there is a coupon for a Radon Test Kit.

One response to “>Radon!!!”

  1. >Hi Neighbors, I live on Kerby Ave, across from Peninsula Park. I was concerned after reading this post so I ordered the test kits. The first test showed radon levels of 12.7 and the second, follow-up test showed levels of 13.1. The levels should be below 4.0 from what I’ve read and per the experts I spoke to. So, I’ve met with Cascade Radon to initiate the process of getting a mitigation system in my home. I just wanted to share this info with my fellow neighbors…

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