>Civic Food Mart Liquor License – Update

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Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) responded to Brian Borrello’s previous email with the following…

I have been speaking with the OLCC about this location. They request that you send a letter of opposition directly to them. In order to get it on the agenda for the Commission Hearing in April (March is a phone meeting and therefore unavailable for our purposes), we must show significant public opposition in the absence of other statistical evidence that the restrictions need to stay in place.

Brian Borrello requested from ONI…

Could you provide us with the restrictions for Civic Mart currently in place and
those they wish rescinded.The proximity to Peninsula Park, Community Ctr,
and playground warrant our close attention here.


There are currently 4 restrictions on this location.
1) 9:30 closing time
2) no glass containers
3) no fortified wines/Malt beverages more than 6% alcohol by volume
4) no sale of malt beverages larger than 24 Ounces

The owner is willing to abide by the restrictions on his hours of operation as he intends to close at 9pm, anyway. According to the OLCC investigator, he will not commit to voluntarily continuing the other three restrictions.

Mark Warrington from Portland Parks and Recreation has expressed his opposition. The Crime Prevention Coordinator, Mary Tompkins, has committed to writing a letter of opposition stating the positive impacts of the current restrictions. I will be contacting Amy Masier at the Community Center for her thoughts on the matter, as well.


4 responses to “>Civic Food Mart Liquor License – Update”

  1. >I support the continuation of the four restrictions on Civic Mart. It would be logical to conclude that the reason crime is down is directly related to the fact of these restrictions. I have lived in the neighborhood for 50 years and have seen the bad and the good come and go. Since the restrictions have been in place at Civic Mart a lot of the bad has gone and I hope to see it stay away.

  2. >I too support the restrictions on that store. If only cleaning up the trash around the store could be added as a requirement. It is a disgrace that trash from a business is allowed to exist like that.Thank you Piedmont NA for keeping on them.-Sue

  3. >I also support the continuation of the four restrictions on Civic Mart. As one Piedmont neighbor pointed out, the current owner started with 18 restrictions whose removal he earned over time. The new owners should really have to start with those same 18 restrictions until they prove themselves. There is absolutely no reason to remove these last four restrictions.-Lara

  4. >While things have certainly improved in the area over the years, there continues to be a lot of activity around the park and around Civic Mart in the warmer months. With all the trash/littering/vandalism I have to support continuing the four restrictions. Just because the owner goes home at 9pm doesn’t mean everyone else does. What they sell and how they sell it continues to impact the area long into the night.

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