>Bye Bye Bollards

>The folks on the Bryant Street Bridge Project team received the following from ODOT’s Shelli Romero yesterday…

The community has been working with ODOT over the last year to develop a master plan for the Bryant Street Pedestrian Overpass that identifies specific improvements for the structure. Among the specific improvements includes removal of the bollards at the east and west end of the Overpass to help improve bicycle access. After review, ODOT will remove the bollards on Wednesday, February 20th in response to the community input. ODOT remains committed to assist with making the Bryant Street Pedestrian Overpass a safe and more utilized facility for bicyclists and pedestrians recognizing its location is ideal for bike and pedestrian commuters and is in proximity of transit and access to a business and commercial district along N. Interstate Avenue.

We’ll update the Bryant Street Bridge web page as this project moves forward….


One response to “>Bye Bye Bollards”

  1. >YEAH! I bike over that bridge every day and no longer will I gnash my teeth at those posts! Thank you ODOT!!

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