>Civic Food Mart Liquor License

>The PNA received the following from The Office Of Neighborhood Involvement.

I have received a liquor license application for a change in ownership at an existing Market in the Piedmont neighborhood area. Civic Food Mart located at729 N Rosa Parks Way has applied to maintain the Off Premises sales license which allows the sale of beer/wine/cider to go in sealed containers.

The listed hours of operation are: Sunday thru Saturday 7am to 9pm. The application contact is: Seoung Hoon Baek

If you are aware of any existing problems or concerns at this location, please let me know by 2-23-08. Changes in ownership are typically routine paperwork; however, if there is a good neighbor agreement in place or identified problems at the location it can provide an opportunity for problem solving. If you have concerns regarding this license, please list the concerns in writing and remember they must be related to crime, alcohol, alcohol related behavior or drugs. Traffic, Parking and Trash are not considered during the licensing process at OLCC.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Theresa Marchetti
Office of Neighborhood Involvement
1221 SW 4th Ave
Portland, OR 97204

PNA board member Brian Borrello responded to Thresa Marchetti with the following…

We would like to see all current restrictions remain in effect with the new owners.Piedmont NA strongly advocated for existing restrictions to remain in place at the OLCCappeals hearing 2 years ago. We even negotiated some concessions with that ownerthat might have been onerous to his sales. The close proximity of liquor sales to a children’s playground and community center,as well as past alcohol-related crime and disturbances in the area were, and should be currently noted.

The ONI is receiving comments until 2008-02-28. You may contact the ONI yourself or feel free to email the PNA your comments. Email to SECRETARY (AT) PiedmontNeighborhood (DOT) com

While it is the Board’s prerogative and responsibility to establish the official position of the association, each member has an individual right to participate in the process and to make their voice heard to regulators.

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